Please note: Any child that is not travelling home by bus must be signed out before leaving camp.


Much effort is placed on transportation, for we know that it is one of the keys to a happy camp-parent relationship.

With all our preparation, planning and years of experience, we know that many things can affect the consistency of our routes. It goes without saying that the first few days of each period will be erratic; some children are apprehensive about getting onto a strange bus, while others must satisfy the urge for unscheduled stops; the driver must do the run with noise and distractions that were not present during the trials; seating becomes a major issue for friends and on and on.

Even after the first few days of orientation, traffic slow-downs, construction, change of drivers for various reasons, parents who have prolonged discussions with bus personnel, yes, even time out to maintain proper decorum on the buses, can slow down a route from time to time. As well, we must be aware of the human element and expect that each driver take the bus at a pace which is within the law and that is safest for him/her. We would rather have a professional who is extremely safe, and slightly slower, than one who pushes to hard.

If any route takes consistently longer than the limits we have established, we are prepared to make changes. We ask for your co-operation when these changes occur.

You Can Help

Below are a few hints that can help make our service more efficient:

1.      Be patient the first few days of each period.

2.      When a bus is late, please don’t stop the bus to ask for an explanation; call the office and we will inform you or get back to you as soon as possible.

3.      Please have your child dressed appropriately, waiting by the door for the bus. The driver will honk the horn lightly to let you know the bus has reached your home.

4.      Please say your good-byes before the bus arrives.

5.      If you are aware that your child/ren will not be attending camp on a specific day, please send a note prior to that day to let us know. A call to our office 24 hours prior to the change will also assist us.

6.      Should you wish to pick up your child or have your child picked up, we must be informed of this by noon of that day. Last minute notification can not be guaranteed.

7.      To help our bus drivers and to save time, if your child is not planning to come one day, could you please leave a white towel or sheet in front f your door as a sign for us to be able to move n quickly.

8.      For the return home please us some indication, i.e. an open door or a smiling face at the door for the bus counselor will not come to the door.