Key Policies

We take the safety of your child extremely seriously.

Below we review key policies that are designed to ensure everyone has a safe and enjoyable camp experience.

General Commitment to Safety

Every child and staff member has the right to feel safe and comfortable at camp. Our promise is to make every reasonable effort to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all people in our camp setting. We have an established Health and Safety Advisor Committee that continuously addresses potential hazards. As challenges present themselves, all those involved will be supported by the appropriate members of our Team. From time-to-time certain camper behaviours require clear and consistent consequences, dealt with by incorporating both strategies at camp and supportive reinforcement at home.

Anti-Bullying Commitment

Bullying, in all of its forms, can occur in any social environment. Lubavitch Day Camp is ready to respond to issues of verbal or physical intimidation, “putdowns” (of any kind) or any situation that creates discomfort for a camper or staff member. Our supervisors (consisting of several educators), along with members of our Advisor Team, will be directly involved in approaching these issues. Meaningful dialogue at camp and support from involved families will aid in achieving an effective